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According to the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 91% of U.S adults age 20-64 had tooth decay or cavities in 2011-2012. If you find yourself with decayed teeth, skilled general dentist Matthew St. George, DDS, at St. George Family Dental in Fulton, Missouri, can help restore the functionality and aesthetics of your tooth through the use of dental fillings. If you have questions or concerns, call our office.

Dental Fillings Q & A

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings help restore your cracked or broken teeth along with filling cavities without the need for a root canal or tooth removal.

St. George Family Dental offers the following two types of fillings:

Composite fillings

These fillings are made of ceramic so it matches the color of your teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing look. They’re known for being resistant to fractures in small to mid-sized teeth restorations. Additionally, they last five to seven years.

Amalgam fillings

These are metal-based fillings that are known for their durability and strength with a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Dental amalgam is made by combining elemental mercury, silver, tin, and copper. Multiple scientific and health bodies, including the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization, have all said that dental amalgam is a reliable, effective, and safe restorative material.

How can I tell if I have a cavity?

Cavities are the leading cause of the need for fillings. Although your mouth has good and bad bacteria, the cavity-causing bacteria consumes sugar and then turns into harmful enamel-eating acids. This causes your enamel, the outer coating of your tooth, and dentin, the inner layer, to soften, which eventually leaves a hole in your tooth.

Symptoms of a potential cavity include:

  • Toothache
  • Bad breath
  • Dark spots
  • Holes in teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity

Although cavities can cause many problems, they are preventable and treatable. Because of this, it’s crucial to brush and floss daily to continuously remove the plaque buildup on your teeth. Additionally, Dr. St. George recommends you visit St. George Family Dental twice a year for your dental checkup.

What happens during my tooth filling treatment?

Dr. St. George applies a topical anesthetic to the treatment area ensuring your comfort throughout the treatment. Afterward, he removes any decay from the affected tooth and thoroughly cleans the space of debris or bacteria. He then uses a composite or amalgam filling to help your tooth regain its integrity and function.

Following your treatment, you may experience mild pain and tooth sensitivity towards hot and cold food and beverages. Nonetheless, these symptoms should subside within one week.

If you suspect you have a cavity or have any further questions regarding dental fillings, call Dr. St. George today.